Friday, January 6, 2012

Hens, Chicks & Roosters

We moved into our home in October and I am still trying to decorate. I love Hens, Chicks and Roosters so I have kind of a county style kitchen and dining area. The old hutch came from family it was out in a barn!

I have my Moms 1950's Pyrex in both Turquoise/White and White/Turquoise. They are actually the Pyrex Amish Butterprint pattern.
I remember Mom using them way back and I use them all the time now.
I found a blog all about Pyrex Pyrex Collective

What is your kitchen style?

This is my first time posting with pictures I took using my Dell netbook I hope to get better at it with time.


Shari@Rain into Rainbows said...

Oooh, love that Pyrex! The Pyrex I remember from growing up was Harvest Gold. And I'm, um, not a fan of Harvest Gold (no offense to anyone who might be absolutely head over heels for Harvest Gold).

I have a pink set of Pyrex that's similar to yours on my Pinterest. I dream, I dream....

sazamom said...

I love your dishes. I like country style kichens. New follower.

Easy2Save said...

Shari I looked on your Pinterest those pink dishes are really cute! I have more of the aqua blue I will have to take another picture and post it.

sazamom Thank You for following me I am following you both :)

Lynn said...

My kitchen is kind of bland actually. white cabinets and white countertops. But I have 3 framed advertisements for Campbell's soup, depression era. Other than that it's just cluttered lol. BUt my dining room has my collection of Fiestaware!! I love it!

Easy2Save said...


I have three Fiestaware bowls they are cute! My cabinets are white which is why my picture does not show very much detail. I need to take a few more and add them to this post.
Thank you for the comment :)

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