Thursday, December 1, 2011

Philips Wake-up Light Review

Philips Wake-up Light

Along with eating right, exercising, and sleeping well, light plays an important role in living your best life. Using innovative Light Therapy, the Philips Wake-up Light gradually wakes you up in a gentle, less abrupt way - the way nature intended it.Did you know that both sunlight and daylight have positive effects on us? The light raises energy levels and helps us align our daily rhythm. The Philips Wake-up Light gets brighter and brighter the closer it is to the set wake up time.

Philips Wake-up Light Better Mornings

As a member of Shespeaks I had the opportunity to try the Philips Wake-up Light. I really did not know much about it but I thought it would be interesting to try it. I have been using the light for over two weeks and I really do feel that I wake up feeling a bit more rested and awake. You know how rude your regular alarm can be with the Philips Wake-up light its a gentle entry back into the world. The light slowly brightens to its brightest level and then a regular alarm goes off at the time you set it for. You have a couple options for your alarm I used the cute bird chirp it has a nice sound and I am not big on sounds when I first awake.
The light fits nicely on my nightstand and makes a great regular use light. The built in radio is a nice extra as well.

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Disclosure: As a member of Shespeaks I received this product sample free of charge to review.

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