Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Clairol Natural Instincts Non-Permanent Hair Color

Natural Instincts Non-Permanent Hair Color 35 Ebony Mocha

Switching from Nice 'n Easy to Natural Instincts Non-Permanent Hair Color

Nice ’n Easy Non-Permanent is being discontinued. That was quick I posted about the New Nice ’n Easy Non-Permanent hair color just last March.

Non-permanent hair color is great if you have never colored your hair or if you just want to try a different shade but your not sure you will like it. I do not want to deal with roots showing so a non-permanent hair color like this works perfectly. I have used Nice 'n Easy quite often I have also used Natural Instincts. To be totally honest I often let the price be my guide in making a choice. Of the two I think I like Natural Instincts the best. They have both covered my grays well if I use a shade darker than my own hair. My hair is softer after coloring because of the conditioner that is included.

I used 79 Dark Brown in Nice n' Easy so I am going with 35 Ebony Mocha, Brown Black in Natural Instincts.

Always read the directions and follow them carefully.

Find your Natural Instincts Shade at Clairol.com

•Non-permanent, ammonia-free formula works in just 10 minutes
•Lasts through 28 shampoos
•Gently blends away gray
•Includes Natural Instincts Week 2 Color Refresher, a conditioning crème formula that deposits color pigments 15 days after coloring
•Includes Color Treat™ Conditioner for radiant, healthy-looking color

Less guilt. More gorgeous!

Clairol also has a great selection of permanent hair color.

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Mary De Bastos said...

I love non-permanent color! I don't color often, but when I do I love not having to worry about roots showing and just try a darker shade from time to time. After I had my son several gray hairs have popped out! I'm needing to start coloring again soon. I'll have to try Natural Instincts.

Tina @ My Highest Self said...

Love your new blog design, what a breath of fresh air for Spring :) :). I'm surprised they are discontinuing this, wonder if they are coming out with something better??

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