Thursday, February 9, 2012

YesterYear Soap Company Review

YesterYear Soap Review

I received three soaps from YesterYear Soap Company to review Rose Vanilla, Vanilla Strawberry and Orange Patchouli. I have used the Orange Patchouli and Rose Vanilla both are wonderful! I do not like soap that gets all mushy and I am happy to report the bars stayed firm with tons of lather. The strength of their scent is just right for me not to strong. I sometimes get itchy dry skin with some soaps especially in winter but I had none of that with the YesterYear soaps. I found that my skin stayed soft and held onto the scent of the soap all day. Their soaps are very reasonable a set of three like I received are priced at about $10 plus shipping.

"At the YesterYear Soap Company, we are preserving the timeless craft of artisan soap making. With our hand crafted soap you’ll enjoy its moisturizing, cleansing and soothing benefits- all natural soap without added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic fragrances."

YesterYear soaps are natural made without preservatives, dyes or parabins.

The soap is great but what is even greater is that YesterYear Soap Company makes regular donations to women‘s shelters. The soap is wonderful and so is the company. If you are looking for a nice soap for yourself or a gift for someone I recommend YesterYear Soap Company.

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Discloser: As of May 2012 I have a banner/button on my blog that leads to YesterYear Soaps and I could receive some payment for orders that are placed.

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Tina B said...

Rose Vanilla sounds like something I would like! I'm always interested in trying new soaps, I'll check out the store for sure!

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