Thursday, February 2, 2012

By Hand Granola Review

By Hand Granola
It's okay to be a little crunchy...

If your looking for a healthy snack that tastes good you should try By Hand Granola. I received samples to review and its been really hard to put the darn bag down. Wow this stuff is very good it is fresh you can see and taste the freshness. I love the combination of Cinnamon and Dried Cranberries along with the Nuts. Our after dinner dessert was made up of Vanilla yogurt with a couple spoonfuls of By Hand Original Granola on top. Of course I could not help myself I had to munch on some while putting our dessert together. By Hand Granola really is good I hope you try some for yourself.

By Hand Granola

What is in it you ask? The Original has Old Fashioned Oats, Coconut, Pure Maple Syrup, Soy Flour, Cinnamon, Wheat Germ, Dried Milk, Macadamia Nuts, Sliced Almonds, Safflower Oil and Dried Cranberries.
The Gluten-Free is a just a little different from the Original with gluten-free Rolled Oats, Cashews instead of Almonds and no Wheat Germ.

Both the Original and Gluten-Free Granola come in 4.5 oz and 12 oz bags.

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Disclosure- All opinions are by Easy2Save. By Hand Granola provided samples.

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Clairejustine said...

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This sounds good! I love that they are Gluten Free!

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Found you on Bloggy Mom Feb. Hop - Might have to check out By Hand Granola. Sounds good. I've made some before too.

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