Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mom Blog Society

Mom Blog Society A Knowledge Base for moms

Looking for a blog group, network or society to join? I would like to recommend the Mom Blog Society. It is a society of Moms and others that blog and also enjoy other people and their blogs. You do not really need to be a Mom to join you might be an Aunt, Dad etc. They have wonderful groups like twitter, giveaways, newbies, guest posts, link exchange and many more. Looking for a Blog Hop or maybe a work from home job Mom Blog Society has listings/information. Need some help getting your blog going or making a button you will find it at the Mom Blog Society. When I joined MBS it was like going to a reunion of great old friends it really was. The other members are happy to help you and make you feel very comfortable if you have a question. I have only been a member for a short time and have made new friends and gained followers. I am also learning how to grow my blog in the way I want it to grow. I really feel I have found my blog family at the Mom Blog Society I hope you will join with me and by the way Membership is Free.

You Will Love It!

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Tania B said...

Hi! I am a new GFC follower who found your blog at the Exposure 99% blog hop. I would love it if you'd follow me via GFC at Horseshoes:


NicoleKester said...

YES! Mom Blog Society is the greatest! I joined two other blogging social networks the day I joined them, and MBS is by far the best! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I think the most helpful people on the net are at MBS! These people really care!

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