Thursday, October 13, 2011

Green Mountain Coffee Review It Is a Special Cup

Green Mountain Coffee Review

As a BzzAgent I was offered samples of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups to try. Yes I love my coffee! I decided to read up on Green Mountain Coffee to see what they are about it was very interesting. I like that they are involved in making our world a better place for everyone. They also make some of the best coffee!

Green Mountain Coffee

Did You Know?
Like oil or cotton, coffee is a commodity and world prices fluctuate wildly. Coffee farmers never know how much they'll be paid for their beans. Sometimes they don't even get enough to pay for the cost of growing them. Fair Trade Certified means co-ops and their farmers get a fair price.
To qualify for Fair Trade certification, farmers must belong to a democratically organized co-op. Because they get a fair price, these small family farmers can grow coffee with respect for the community and the land, avoiding cost-cutting practices that sacrifice quality and the environment’s health. Fair Trade certification includes strong environmental standards and farms must also follow strict labor laws and practices.

I received a wonderful bzz kit with a package of 12 Colombian Fair Trade Select K-Cups. Also a sample pack of 4 K-Cups with Vermont Country Blend, Our Blend, Sumatran Reserve and a Colombian Fair Trade Select flavor. I have already tried the Colombian Fair Trade Select and the Vermont Country Blend and Wow they both taste great! They have a smooth yet at the same time somewhat strong flavor without being bitter. I have had the Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold before and love it! I would defiantly suggest trying Green Mountain Coffee.

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