Friday, November 30, 2012

CoverGirl blastflipstick Review

CoverGirl blastflipstick Vixen Duo

Have you heard of or tried the CoverGirl blastflipstick? I received a set of three as a BzzAgent (Thank You) and they are a pretty neat idea. Basically you get two shades that compliment each other in one. You get a creamy bold color on one end and on the other a shimmery shade. So you can use each on its own or blend them for your own custom color. Vixen is a burgundy and pearl pink duo. Minx is a very deep brown and dark gold duo. Stunner is the bright pink/orange and gold duo that you sometimes see looking lovely on Sofia Vergara. Of the three I like Vixen best for my coloring so that is the one I am using. The Vixen burgundy color is wonderful very deep then you add the shimmery pearl pink and you have a totally different look. I like the blastflipstick because you can add more or less of the cream and shimmer to get your perfect lip color. I thought the lipstick wore very well and my lips stayed moist. I know in one day if a lipstick is going to work for me and this one did very well.
At a suggested retail of $8.49 I think it is a good deal for the duo.

"The COVERGIRL blastflipstick isn't like anything you've ever seen. It's a double-ended lipstick, which, let's be honest, is awesome by itself, but there's even more to it than that. The blastflipstick has two shades — one soft, for day wear, and the other dazzling, for night. Wear separately or combine to create a shade that's all your own. It's your personal color palette, giving you endless pucker-up possibilities."

CoverGirl blastflipstick


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Tina @ My Highest Self said...

Nice review! I haven't had the chance to get these out of the box yet, looking forward to trying these out.

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