Saturday, May 26, 2012

Allure June 2012 Free Samples

Wow it looks like the Allure Free Stuff for June 2012 will be the best yet!

Allure Free Samples

Remember to log into your Allure account a bit before each giveaway starts so that you are all set to enter.

The first 500 Allure readers to sign up at noon EDT will win the product listed for that day.

June 4 Win Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek
Keeping hair frizz-free for a day is a feat, but this cream delivers smoothness through three shampoos, thanks to amino acids and proteins that help seal the cuticle.

I could use some help with my frizz so I would like to win this Redken product.

June 5 Score Express Runway Makeup Kit
With a gold-flecked bronzer, tawny lip gloss, brown eyeliner, and pink, bronze, and ivory eye shadows, this palette transforms you into a beach goddess.

If I win this Makeup Kit I will be very happy!

June 6 Win Lift Lab Purify & Clarify Cleanser and Mask
This creamy product's star ingredient, Aqualumine (from an enzyme in red caviar), dissolves dead skin cells. Leave it on for three minutes for a more intense exfoliation.

I am very interested in this Cleanser/Mask I hope I am able to snag one.

June 7 Score Priti NYC Polish in Flame of the Forest
Free of toluene, DBP, and formaldehyde, this opaque hot melon polish dazzles on toes.

This Hot Melon Polish looks perfect for summer! I want it!

While you are on the Allure Free Stuff page you can also enter to WIN $560 Worth of Simple Skin Care Products! I tried the Simple Scrub and liked it very much so this would be a great win.


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