Monday, March 7, 2016

COVERGIRL Makeup Favorites

I picked up three of my favorite COVERGIRL products the other day and thought I would share why I like each of them.

CLEAN LIQUID MAKEUP Classic Beige (130)
My skin is a bit dry and this foundation works very well for me. It is water based feels light on my skin and it blends well. I have been using this one for much of my makeup wearing life and trust me that is a very long time.

I always wear concealer it really helps hide the darker under eye area and other stuff :( This CG concealer has vitamin E and other botanicals giving it a creamy texture that goes on easily.

I LOVE this eyeliner it is so easy to apply! I draw/dot my line on and then blend/soften/smooth it with the nice blender tip. If my line was not 100% perfect at the start blending helps even it out for me.

I paid less than $20 for all three of these CoverGirl products and my budget loves that!

*I purchased these CG products*

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