Friday, September 28, 2012

Baltimore Bumble Crafts Bath and Body Review

Baltimore Bumble Crafts

Vanessa the owner of Baltimore Bumble Crafts sent two products for me to review.
I received the Lavender Sea Salt Scrub and also the Hon(ey) Soap. I used the Sea Salt Scrub on my elbows and really liked it. I have a dry scaly spot on my left elbow so I was excited to see if this would help. I did have good results it has reduced the gray dry skin area quite a bit. I think the Sea Salt Scrub would be good on your feet and heels as well. The Hon(ey) soap was wonderful on my skin it is really gentle and seemed to help keep my skin soft. This soap does have a honey/earthy scent which is different but not at all unpleasant. If you are looking for something along this line or perhaps a lip balm or shampoo I think you will be pleased with Baltimore Bumble Crafts.

Baltimore Bumble Crafts donates 10% of the profits from some of the products made to Pollinator Partnership's Honeybee Health Improvement Project. So if you would like to purchase the Hon(ey) soap like I reviewed 10% of that purchase would go to the Honeybee's.
Baltimore Bumble Crafts recycles and re-uses as much as possible and the products are the most natural and healthful as is possible.

You will also find Vanessa at a Craft Fair or Festival in the Mid-Atlantic region.
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Baltimore Bumble Crafts provided me with products for this review. All opinions expressed in this review are my own based on my results after using the review products. No payment was made for this or any other review on Easy2Save Blog.

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