Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Join The L'Oreal Consumer Testing Program

I posted about L'Oreal and their consumer product testing in the past but wanted to do it once more for anyone that missed it. I just received an email from them this morning answered a few questions and got into a beauty product test. So I will receive the item in the mail use it take a survey then mail back the used product. In a few weeks I will receive my gift product/products. You do not always send the product back but this time they want it returned.

You know L'Oreal has great products so you may as well get some for free as a consumer testing panel member.

I have received some wonderful products in exchange for testing beauty products for L'Oreal and so can you. You will also receive one product after you complete 5 informational surveys. They will send you an email when a survey is up however I check my account daily because when they have enough completed surveys it closes. Some of the surveys are just general beauty/skincare surveys and some are to see if you qualify for a product test. Your gift/gifts will vary depending on the length of the product test and can be valued at several hundred dollars.

I love it!

FYI Your husband, boyfriend or brother can also join!

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One of the links below should take you to their membership survey.

L'Oreal Consumer Testing Survey Link 1

L'Oreal Consumer Testing Survey Link 2

L'Oreal Consumer Testing Survey Link 3


ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! new follower!


Tina B said...

Just wanted you to know I signed up for this and I got my welcome email today! Thanks so much letting us know about this, you know I love these type of programs :).

Victoria M said...

Tina that is great I am sure you will enjoy being a member.

Victoria M said...

I had two surveys this past week and will receive a gift for each of them! You all really should join this product testing group.

Erica Castaneda said...

Do you receive a gigt for every survey you complete?
i received a survey 2 days ago after i compleate it it said thank you we will contact you when we have another survey for you..does that mean i didnt make it in to try the product?

Victoria M said...

Erica For the basic surveys you must complete five to receive a gift. When you test one product you receive a gift.

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